Is Twitter Useful?

BUBBLEARMY on Twitter by bubblefriends.The question many people are dying to know…is Twitter actually useful?

Well, it depends on who you ask. If you are using the application just like any other social network to let people know that “I’m blow drying my hair right now”, or “I love ice cream”, then no, you will not see the benefit of Twitter.

However, if you are a journalist, or someone who loves to network and connect and see trends, then Twitter is the perfect place for you!

Twitter produces answers in real-time, meaning people are able to tweet what is going on at the sight of a scene.

Have you checked out websites such as or If not, these are great resources to find out what is currently going on around you, or around the world! These websites, are dedicated solely to what people are saying on Twitter.

Additionally, on Twitter you are able to follow people in the news. For instance, you can follow George Stephanopoulos from Good Morning America and get news through a different form.

His latest tweets are:

  1. GeorgeStephanopoulos
    GStephanopoulos About to unveil “America’s Frustration Index” on GMA. Best measure by me and team of voter anger, what it means. Looks like ’94 and ’06 now
  2. GeorgeStephanopoulos
    GStephanopoulos BP COO Doug Suttles just told me on GMA that top cap working. Hope to capture most of oil flow by day’s end. Let’s hope good news holds
  3. GeorgeStephanopoulos
    GStephanopoulos Thad Allen: Palin’s Wrong About Oil Spill: That’s what he told me this morning on ‘GMA’ after Palin released the f…

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Thus his followers are able to additional information that they might not otherwise have received.

There are a lot of reasons why Twitter is useful. This is why I have decided to start a series on it!

Apologies in advance, the posts will come in a little over a week!